Linda Easter, M.A., L.P.C. as a Speaker and Presenter

Linda's Custom Presentation Topics:

Whether educating, motivating, or entertaining, Linda combines practical teaching, humor, and interactive discussion in her presentations.

Act Assertively: Godly Behavior in Offensive Situations How should Christians handle offensive situations? Are we to act passively, assertively, or aggressively? Learn the differences between these three styles of interacting with others and how to frequently use the middle ground of assertiveness. You’ll enjoy a new potential to confront and manage offensive situations without resorting to ungodly behavior. Educational one- to two-hour seminar.

Artful Anger: Handle Anger without Sinning The Bible says, “In your anger, do not sin.” When angry, is your behavior godly or ghastly? Linda uses humor and personal experience to teach helpful skills for maintaining your cool. You will learn ways to handle anger and stay victoriously in control of yourself. Entertaining 45-minute to one-hour topic.

Budging on Judging—Godly Wisdom About When, When Not, & How to Judge How much does judging others interfere with the law of loving others? God’s Word teaches us His perspective for sound judgment with heavenly wisdom. Learn to avoid worldly judging so that you judge rightly—God’s way. You’ll understand the powerful impact of Christianity when you focus on loving and let the Righteous Judge do the judging. Educational one-hour seminar.

Christians Wobble But They Don’t Fall Down At the end of life’s battles, the Bible encourages Christians to be standing firm. How is that possible? By fighting with God’s weapons, His armor, and His strength. Victory comes from God’s power, not our own. Linda will teach on the resources God provides for the tough times in life. Grow confident in your ability to stand firm as you continue to fight the good fight. Motivational one-hour talk.

Cultivating the Peaceful Heart Shalom! This ancient Hebrew greeting means “peace.” Many Christians find peace only a temporary state. Linda teaches seven biblical principles that collectively lead to the good mental health which results from a peaceful heart. Learn God’s way to turn peace into a permanent heart condition. Educational one- to two-hour seminar.

For Good Mental Health—Control Yourself The Bible calls us to be self-controlled. Yet how often do we work harder at controlling others rather than self? This talk humorously looks at the burden of controlling others and the liberating freedom that results from self-control and letting others do likewise. You’ll gain new resources to help you pursue good mental health God’s way. Entertaining yet practical one-hour topic.

God’s Captivating Commandments: Developing Relationships with God, Self, & Others Who has time for relationships today? Consider God’s top two commandments—love Him and love others. God prioritizes relationships, first captivating us with His love and then passing His love through us to others in relationships. Learn about developing healthy relationships so you can better live in obedience to God’s most important commands. Educational weekend seminar.

God’s Gracious Gift of Grief Why grieve? You know your loved one went to heaven with God. Death should be cause for celebration, right? While our spirits rejoice, our souls ache as we miss daily routine with that person and rebuild life without them. This talk compares myth versus reality about grief and explores dimensions and tasks of grief. Learn how to pass through God’s comforting grief process for restoration and healing. Educational one-hour to one-half day seminar.

Guard Your Gab: Turning A Garbage Mouth into Godly Gold Gab! Gab! Gab! How often do we yak on without realizing the value of words? This talk shares scriptural insights about the powerful possibilities—good and bad—in our mouths. Learn the rich benefits of words and how chewing on God’s word can help us use words wisely in our daily lives. Entertaining and educational one-hour topic.

Keepin’ It Simple in A 24/7 World Does God bless today’s rat race? Satan uses constant busyness to deter us from “Seek first the Kingdom of God.” What can we do? Simplify! God’s word can help us sort out and prioritize life’s demands so that we have time for Kingdom living. This motivational talk will help you examine life for ways to slow down and gracefully walk at God’s speed. Educational half- to full-day seminar.

Pursuing A Radically Amazing, Devoted, Inspiring, God-centered Mindset: Changing Your Paradigm Paradigm (Pronounced par-a-dime)! What’s it mean? It’s how you view the world—your mindset. Christ calls Christians to a new paradigm. To shift from the mindset of me to the mindset of Him. Linda shares the benefits of a life-changing paradigm shift using the word paradigm as an acronym. This motivational talk inspires pursuit of a godly mindset for more committed Kingdom living. Motivational one-hour talk.

Relaxation Workout Can you believe it? You actually need to work at relaxation! It’s not a natural outcome of the modern rat race. With relaxation exercises and techniques, you can decrease stress both mentally and physically. Learn these exercises and then practice them in a calming atmosphere. You’ll leave with tools to make stress-relieving relaxation part of your regular routine. Practical and experiential two- to four-hour topic.

Retrain Your Brain: Calming Chaos in the Anxious Mind Who is in charge of your brain? Today many people feel like anxious thinking has taken control. They struggle to live with the chaotic results. It’s time to retrain your brain and reclaim the sound mind that God promises in His word. Linda teaches a boot camp for the brain that can help calm anxiety. With practice, these mental exercises can lead to the peaceful state in which your brain thrives. Educational one- to two-hour seminar.

The Divine Handoff—Passing Off Problems To God Think of problems like a football. What if a quarterback hangs onto the ball? He gets squished! So he hands it off. Guys and gals can enjoy practical lessons in this football-themed talk about handing off problems to God. Get that touchdown feeling and walk away with principles that help you successfully score in the game of life. Entertaining 45-minute to one-hour topic.

Those Delightful Disciplines: Cultivating the Character of Jesus It’s hard to act like Jesus if we don’t learn to be like Jesus. In his human years, Christ disciplined His daily walk to fully live in obedience to the Father. If Jesus needed such disciplines, how much more do we? These sessions highlight spiritual disciplines—behaviors with which we discipline ourselves to grow into the character of Christ—and provide practice time. Learn, then do! You’ll leave feeling refreshed and closer to God. Educational and experiential weekend seminar.

Trusting God: Lessons Learned From a Root Canal Sometimes God speaks through the strangest experiences. Through humor and anecdotal story, Linda shares lessons God taught in one of life’s not-so-pleasant moments. Like Linda, you can learn how trusting God in difficult times really does bring peace in the midst of life’s storms. Entertaining 45-minute to one-hour topic.

Linda Easter is also a trained presenter for the following programs:

Parenting with Love and Logic

This is a parenting program based on the book of the same name by Drs. Foster Cline and Jim Fay. It focuses on helping children grow up to be responsible adults. Parents learn to avoid anger in dealing with their children by using empathy and consequences to teach children important life lessons. Parents who learn to control themselves and share age-appropriate control with their children present a healthier model for their kids than angry, out-of-control parents. Parenting with Love and Logic can teach you how to do this with children of all ages.

PREP (Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program)

This is a program to help marriages, based on the book, Fighting for Your Marriage, by Howard Markman, Scott Stanley, and Susan L. Blumberg. This program teaches about four key patterns that can harm a relationship. It explores the differences between how men and women handle conflict, communication, problem solving, expectations, understanding commitment, forgiveness, and restoration of intimacy. The information is research based and helps couples take positive steps to prevent divorce and work toward lasting love.

Custom Topics:

Linda has spoken on custom-designed topics for churches, retreats, and group meetings. Some of these topics have included:

• Relationships with God, Self, and Others
• Depression
• Grief, Loss, and Bereavement
• Keepin’ It Simple in a 24/7 World



Linda Easter is an effective and talented Women's Retreat speaker. Her gifts of intellect and insight allow God to use her to minister to women in His family. As a woman of God, she is well prepared and dependable. She spoke at two Women's Winter Retreats in 2003 and 2004 and her topics and speaking were relevant and meaningful for those who attended.

-Norma Minnich
Women's Ministry Coordinator
Bethesda Evangelical Congregational Church at Reedsville

Linda's Testimony: I’ve earned more perfect attendance pins than I care to count BUT didn’t really understand Christianity until it stopped being a weekly event and became my lifestyle. Through 30 years of diligent Bible study, God taught me how He wants His children to live. In 1993, I began work on my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and went on to become a licensed professional counselor. Guess what? Education reinforced what I thought from the beginning—that good mental health comes from knowing, understanding, and applying God’s principles to our lives. God has called me to share these principles with His people.

Linda's Style: Whether educating, motivating, or entertaining, Linda combines practical teaching, humor, and interactive discussion in her presentations.

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