Meet Linda Easter, M.A., L.P.C.

Linda Easter serves as a Licensed Professional Counselor helping clients with varying needs gain direction and insight in times of need.

Linda is a 1998 graduate from Kutztown University with a Master of Arts degree and a Specialty in Marriage and Family Therapy . Her multidisciplinary background has given her the knowledge and experience to counsel in a variety of settings. Some of the organizations that have used Linda's counseling services have included Foster Care, Community Agencies, and a State Prison. She practices as a clinical therapist and a behavior specialist, having spent thousands of hours counseling people of all ages, for many different mental and emotional health issues.

Before her “professional” life, Linda concentrated on raising her three children, and as a pastor’s wife, she also served her community in the church. Her many responsibilities included teaching Sunday and Vacation Bible School, and fulfilling the roles of soloist, music minister and choir director.

She acted as a liaison to the denomination and served on many church committees. Linda was able to attend numerous seminary courses with her husband during his formal education for the pastorate.

One of her defining experiences for nearly 10 consecutive years, was spending summer weeks in the Poconos at Church Camp for ages 8 to 16. As assistant director, she guided preteens and teens through their daily activities and often provided a listening ear.

Linda's personal and professional experiences have allowed her to offer counseling services incorporating Christian beliefs for those that choose this path.

She currently offers counseling services either at her office in Hamburg, PA or travels on-site.





I pledge to bring honesty, integrity, compassion, and a nonjudgmental attitude to your counseling session to guide you to peace and healing.


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