Exploring the Benefits of Counseling:

Counseling offers people a vehicle to see their problems in a different light. This often provides a sense of hope and support for the changes that will improve their life situation.

Through counseling, clients learn about their issues through a professional that offers an educated perspective on solutions. Clients learn methods of healthy functioning, maintaining and nourishing relationships, and individual problem solving. Often, people who have sat in a counseling session with Linda will testify, “I never thought about it that way!”. She achieves this by relating to people with warmth and, when appropriate, a sense of humor as she seeks solutions to their life issues.

Achieving Symptom Reduction & Relief with Specific Therapeutic Methods:

Most people’s problems are not simplistic but result from a complicated intertwining of many factors. Linda's training in “family systems theory” helps her to explore a person’s development in relationship with others in the family system in which they grew up as well as their current system. She takes into consideration the emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual factors for a holistic view of each person with whom she works.

Specific therapeutic methods are uniquely chosen for their effectiveness in bringing about the desired outcome. There is no doubt that it takes work on the counselee’s part to benefit from the sessions. When the chosen methods are applied in the atmosphere of support, encouragement, and accountability of the counseling sessions, clients experience a reduction of symptoms and relief.

What You Can Expect At Your Counseling Session:

Linda Easter strives to make each session comfortable by providing her undivided attention as she listens with warmth and empathy in a relaxed atmosphere.

Over time, sessions will progress into more interactive communication, as discussion of the possible causes and potential methods for treatment continue.




The following is a testimonial from a long-standing relationship counseling client who continues to use Linda's services:

"I began counseling with Linda in the Spring of 2000 when I first made the decision to leave my first husband. The decision was not an easy one for me as I was never one to "give up" on anything nor could I stand the idea of being a failure.

Through Linda's widsom and guidance, I learned that neither of these ideas accurately described what was happening in my life. Fortunately, I have learned the value of self-esteem and how much of a role self-esteem plays in every decision we make in our lives.

I have continued seeking Linda's wisdom and guidance since that time and have even welcomed into our sessions my new husband. We truly feel that we owe Linda part of the healthy relationship we have as she was the one who taught us the model of a healthy relationship".




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